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Music Videos


Promotional Art

- Designed and Illustrated by Isaiah -


Press & Reviews

“Singer-songwriter Isaiah M. Brown returns with a new single and video. Directed by Suana Hasani, the scene finds Brown out in a secluded cabin reflecting on the shadows of memories left by unrequited love. He begs to know where someone’s heart resides if they’re only using someone to shut the world out, now that he’s left in a pit of emptiness. Up close and personal shots of Brown depict him feeling the epitome of his emotions, unafraid to be raw and uncompromising in his performance. “Warm Body” is produced by Michael Darling and demonstrates Isaiah M. Brown’s palpable growth as an artist with a big heart."
-  Bslowbro
"Toxicity is personified in Isaiah M. Brown’s music video for his latest single ”Rose Colored.” Whew! Along with Art Direction from Shun Powell and effects by Michael Sapieja, this visual exposition of the ‘Rose Colored Glasses’ that we all have surely worn before (or someone has worn for us, mmmhmm) is shown through an interpretive dance by Madyun Wilson, who represents the meek, subjectivity of someone who can’t resist the lust of manipulation. Meanwhile, Brown sits back, embodying the ex-lover that he is singing about; Wilson dances and contorts himself back and forth in the grittiness of Jugo Fabrika for his lover’s enjoyment to only receive a seductive smirk and some lustful encouragement in return. Throughout this visual, both are seen being covered in some form of red and along with Brown’s lyrical context, the audience sees and hears of the different perspectives of the trap of domestic and emotional abuse in relationships."
- Naomi-Re’a
“Singer-songwriter Isaiah M. Brown’s sophomore single "Golden" finds him going in a soulful R&B direction. He assesses a failed relationship, from the heartbreak to the hopelessness. He doesn’t do it in a mopey way though – he’s fresh and assertive here, complete with backing vocals and atmosphere to breathe. Isaiah M. Brown has had a promising start of polished tunes, and we look forward to what he’s got in store.”
- Bslowbro
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